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Drop-in Advanced Classes for Trained Co-Counselors

Wednesday, June 21st,  2:00-3:30 pm ET (7:00-8:30 pm UK)


Thursday, June 22nd, 7:30-9:00 pm ET

Drop-in groups are for anyone who has completed a Level 1 co-counseling course and is either co-counseling regularly or intends to do so. These groups are great places to meet potential co-counseling partners and keep developing your skills. This month’s classes will be on the subject of “Flexibility vs. Rigidity”. The content of both classes will be similar. It’s helpful (but not required) to let Lundy know that you’re coming by sending an email to

Drop-In Class Wednesday June 21st

Drop-In Class Thursday June 22nd



PLN Writers’ Forum

July 11th,  3:00-4:15 pm ET

This is an online gathering for people who consider writing an important aspect of their lives, or who would like to move in that direction, regardless of what kind of writing you do. This will be an open discussion and sharing, with a few questions to the group to prompt the conversation. We may also split some of the time.

PLN Writers Forum July 11th



Open PLN Presentation and Meeting

July 12th, 7:30-8:45 pm ET

Everyone is welcome! Lundy will give a 20-minute talk on “What Is Emotional Wellness?”. This topic is important because we hear about “mental illness” all the time, but no one ever seems to define what it means to be emotionally healthy or tell us what wellness actually looks like.

After the presentation, we’ll have open discussion about the topic in the full group, respectfully hearing all opinions that get shared. Then there’ll be open time to talk about any other PLN issue that you would like to address. Open meetings are an opportunity to connect with your friends in PLN, meet PLN people that you don’t yet know, experience PLN for the first time if you’re new, and share thoughts and experiences.

Feel free to invite people who want to learn about PLN or who are interested in this month’s topic.

PLN Open Meeting July 12th




 *    The PLN website has changed dramatically! There is way more information available there than before, and it’s now organized in easy to find, easy to read form. Please take a few moments to look around at (And feel free to send suggestions for continued improvement of the site, including any additional information you would like us to add or questions that aren’t adequately answered there.)

*  Fall co-counseling classes will be announced in late July and will begin mid-September.

*  The next Orientation session will be in mid-September, the date is still TBD.

*  PLN needs your help! Lundy can’t sustain the level of time he’s been putting into PLN for the past three years. We need people to step up for the follow roles:

Assembling the information for this newsletter (once or twice monthly) and sending it out. Time: about two hours per month, maybe three.

—  Facilitating groups – it’s not hard! We need people to coordinate and facilitate support groups (on any subject, or with no subject other than sharing support), book discussion groups for The Joyous Recovery, and groups to work through the healing and reflection exercises that accompany The Joyous Recovery. Time: as much as you choose to put into it, but you would need to follow through for at least three months. Groups can meet weekly or less often than that.

—  Answering emails to PLN requesting information. Time: two or three hours per month

—  Organizing a PLN retreat. Time: It takes a lot, but you then get to attend the retreat for free. Lundy is available to lead retreats anywhere, and all you have to cover is his travel and retreat expenses.

*  A PLN work gathering takes place by Zoom on Thursday mornings from 10-11:45 am ET (3:00-4:45 pm UK time). We begin with a brief check-in, then everybody turns their microphones off but leaves their cameras on (so we can see each other), and we each do our own work on whatever we most need to get done. We call it “Parallel Play.” You don’t need to commit to coming every week to join this group. We have space for several more people. If you’d like to join, send a request to

*  There are now several videos up at They include such topics as What is the Peak Living Network?, PLN Orientation, Starting and Running Your Own Groups, and What is Co-Counseling?. There are also videos for co-counseling lessons 1-16. Lessons 1-8 line up with Units 1-8 in the free PLN co-counseling manual, The Healing Partnership.

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