About the Peak Living Network

What is the Peak Living Network?

The Peak Living Network (PLN) is a supportive community of people seeking healing, connection, and effectiveness in their lives. The Network is open to everyone, and we encourage females and males to join of all ages, races, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and economic circumstances. Our only request is that you read our statement of principles, and make an honest decision that you are willing to work hard to live within them, before beginning to participate.

The Peak Living Network is based on the belief that human beings have a tremendous untapped capacity for emotional healing and wellness. By learning certain basic but powerful concepts, and by joining together with other people who wish to pursue healing for themselves and for their world, you can unleash your healing potential. The result is that your life moves toward a higher level of satisfaction, energy, and love. Hand in hand with your personal recovery and empowerment, you find yourself more able to have a positive impact on the world and effectively address our planetary crisis.

You can be part of the Peak Living Network by:

  • Attending open support meetings
  • Meeting up with other individuals for two or three-person support sessions, either in person or over the phone, which we also call “splitting time
  • Reading PLN literature
  • Participating in online PLN forums

These open activities are all peer-led and are free of charge (though some may ask for voluntary donations to help offset expenses such as the cost of renting a room for a support meeting). These activities and ways of getting involved with them are described further below.

What’s Distinct About the Peak Living Network Approach To Healing?

The Peak Living Network has several distinguishing qualities in its approach to healing. To view those qualities uncover them below.


WE BELIEVE … that healing needs to be a collective process for it to be deep and lasting. “Self-help” doesn’t work very well. So we’re about building healing partnerships, healing networks, and healing communities.

WE BELIEVE … that there’s nothing wrong with any of us. We just need opportunities to heal emotionally and to step free of lies we’ve been told.

WE BELIEVE … that healing is inherent in all of us. The single most powerful healing forces are laughter, crying, and other built-in emotional releases that no one needed to teach us how to use; they were natural to us. Bringing these processes back to life is one of the keys to emotional recovery and wellness.

WE DON’T BELIEVE … that there are people who “have it together” and people who don’t. We all are healers, and we all need healing. PLN teaches that you have to build your ability to heal others while building your ability to be healed; neither of these processes works very well without the other.

WE BELIEVE … that no approach to healing works for everyone. We need to support each other in finding what brings each of us our most powerful healing. All healing approaches work better when we are part of a healing network, when we follow certain underlying principles, and when we incorporate deep laughter and crying into our practice.

You can learn a great deal more about the Peak Living Network approach to healing by reading this free version of Chapter One of Lundy’s book The Joyous Recovery (January 2018).

How do I participate in the Network?

All of the information you need is available on this website. See links below for details on how to participate.


What a local Peak Living Support Network does?

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Open Support Meetings

Open Support Meetings

These meetings are offered as often as possible, and we encourage everyone to attend at least one meeting a week. Attendance is free, but we will ask participants to help share the cost of renting the meeting room to the extent that they can afford to do so. (And we are always on the lookout for free and low-cost spaces in which we can hold meetings.)

The open support meeting is a highly structured gathering, and both the facilitators and the participants are asked to follow the guidelines closely. The guidelines and the reasons for them are explained in “The Structure of a Peak Living Network Open Support Meeting.” By having a clear structure, we help to assure that everyone’s needs at the meeting are attended to and that the meeting has a positive effect, avoiding to the best extent we can triggering and re-injuring people.

Splitting Time

Splitting Time

Splitting time, which is also referred to as “doing a support session” or “co-counseling,” involves two participants taking turns giving each other high-quality, focused attention to support emotional healing and wellness.  Like an open support meeting, a support session follows a clear structure, with each person having equal time to talk and an equal time to listen and give support. The goals and the structure of this healing approach are explained in detail in “How to Split Time“.

Like open support meetings, support sessions are free. You can co-counsel as often as you choose to, based on your ability to find other participants who are open to doing sessions with you.

You do not need to split time with other people if you choose not to; many people will choose to just go to open support meetings. In other words, co-counseling is an additional healing approach available to those who choose to try it, not an obligation of participating in the Peak Living Network.

Open Gatherings

Open Gatherings

A local PLN group may also choose to offer additional activities, such as support groups that are devoted to particular topics, day-long or weekend retreats, advanced co-counseling training, healing outings, and more. To give just a few examples, a local network might choose to offer a women’s support group, a support group for people caring for elderly parents, or a support group for unemployed people. Any of these groups would have a clear structure, with some discussion time and then support turns for each person attending.

The core of what keeps a local PLN network strong is regular attendance at open support meetings and frequent splitting of time among participants outside of support meetings. If you want your network to thrive, and your own healing to shoot forward, build these practices into your regular routine with discipline and commitment.

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