Local Groups

A Global Community Made Up of Local Support Networks

The Peak Living Network is a global community made up of local support networks. Each local group is dedicated to offering mutual support to its participants through:

    * Support groups
    * Splitting time (one-on-one co-counseling sessions in person or on the phone)
    * Any other healing activities the local PLN group chooses to offer

The only requirements that you need to meet to call your local network a PLN group are:

    * Agree to follow the PLN “Statement of Principles
    * Not charge for any activities; all local PLN activities need to be free
    * Ensure that PLN gatherings are devoted to structured sharing of support and emotional healing, including time specifically to devoted to co-counseling

Meetings that are for socializing, business networking, fundraising, or any purpose other than the stated one are not PLN gatherings, and your local PLN contact list, Facebook page, etc., may not be used to publicize them.

NOTE: It’s fine to ask for voluntary donations to offset the costs of renting space to hold gatherings, but no one is to be turned away who can’t contribute or who chooses not to.

Local PLN Contacts

Groups are open to everyone except where a specific constituency is noted.


Cincinnati Tri-State Area

Kelly R. Schoenefeld
[email protected]

Devon, England

Jeanette Brown
For Domestic Abuse Survivors
[email protected]

Los Angeles, California

Katrin Kern
[email protected]

Northeastern Florida

Betsy Morgan
[email protected]

Saskatchewan, Canada

Lorran Wild
[email protected]

South Central Kentucky

Kay Williams / (270) 433-7400
[email protected]protonmail.com

Spokane, WA / Coeur d’Alene, ID

[email protected]

Western Massachusetts

Lundy Bancroft / (413) 582-6700
[email protected].com

How To Start a Local PLN Network

Here are some steps you can take to get a network going in your area:

(1) Encourage people that you know and respect to read the material on this website.

(2) Hand people printed copies of materials from this website, especially the “Peak Living Network Statement of Principles.”

(3) Find one or more people who are interested in splitting time (co-counseling) with you, and start doing so on a regular basis (see “All You Need to Know to Split Time”).

(4) Offer a support group at least once a month, and idealy nce a week (see “How to Run a PLN Support Group”)

(5) Join one of our periodic free conference calls for people who want to start a local network or want assistance with an existing one.  Send an email to [email protected] to request information about the time and dial-in information for the next conference call. These calls are devoted to thinking together and supporting each other’s local efforts. We can help you with issues such as finding a place to meet, recruiting participants, and learning to co-counsel.



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