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    The past two or three years have been an exciting time for union struggles and battles for people’s rights and empowerment in the work place. The recent Stop and Shop strike was the largest private-sector work stoppage in years, with over 30,000 employees participating across three states. This victory is a powerful example of what workers can accomplish when they build strong solidarity amongst themselves and with supportive members of the community. (As I wrote in The Joyous Recovery, reclaiming collective power is ultimately even more important than reclaiming personal power.)
    Are any of you involved with a union where you work? Or involved with trying to help organize one if there isn’t one currently?
    Anyone out there do other kinds of support for unions? For example, I’m not part of a union myself, but I went out to volunteer on the picket line at a store near me during the Stop and Shop strike.

    News article on the Stop and Shop strike’s success

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    they keep salaries high, and make sure promotions and firing have nothing to do with job performance….. create a Wikipedia page for my business

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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