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    Hi all, Since I was a child I’ve remembered an awkward and inappropriate event that took place when I was very small (by an adult). But it wasn’t until I was about to turn 52 that I started having memories and flashbacks of terrible and violent sexual abuse.
    I’m still amazed that my mind could hide such horrors from me for so long and so completely. If it weren’t for my older sister confirming the abuse, I would probably think i was going crazy!
    Has anyone else experienced repressed memories like that?


    Hi cranfordb3,

    I haven’t experienced this myself (though I had the experience of *realising* that an event I always remembered was sexual abuse at a much later date).

    But I had a friend who remembered when she was 19 sexual abuse by her father that happened when she was about 5. She told her sister about it, and her sister confirmed it, and in fact filled out the rest of the story (she had been there at the time).

    Just FYI: my friend confronted her father about the abuse, he acknowledged it, apologised – and then went on to do the same thing to his step-daughter in his next marriage.

    Thank god your sister could confirm the abuse for you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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