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You are invited to look through the listing here in search of a healing partner, and you can post your own listing. This is the place to find any or all of the following:


  *  a reading partner to go through The Joyous Recovery with you and work the accompanying exercises

  *  a goal-work partner, following the process and guidelines from Chapter 14 of The Joyous Recovery

  *  a general co-counseling partner to split time with regularly on any and all topics


NOTE: A general co-counseling partner follows the process and guidelines from Chapters 9-11 of The Joyous Recovery and from The Healing Partnership: A Manual for Splitting Time (free to read online on this website, and you can also order a low-cost print version). Might you choose to do some aspects of goal work, or some of the exercises from The Joyous Recovery, with your general co-counseling partner — is entirely up to you.

No one you communicate with through the Partner Board will receive your email address unless you choose to give it to them. In other words, if you reply to a listing here, or if you post your own listing and people reply to you, all those emails will go through this website without showing your email address to people you correspond with. You only share your contact information when you’re ready to do so.

Additionally, this Partner Board and its subsequent use is separate from the PLN Forum. There is no login required to use the Partner Board, however, you may receive messages via our secure platform when someone wants to contact you. If you see ANY activity on this Partner Board that is not related to, or appropriate for, the Peak Living Network, please inform us immediately at


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