Partner Listing Form

Recommendations for Posting a Partner Listing

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Your search for a healing partner begins here, where you can post your own listing.


We have a few recommendations for your listing (see below). While you can choose not to follow these recommendations, it is in your best interest to ensure some, if not all, of these recommended questions are asked.


Here are the steps to follow:

  2) WRITE A TITLE (It is highly recommended you place your CATEGORY and LOCATION in the TITLE and DO NOT get fancy, keep it simple)


Here are some questions to CONSIDER or INCLUDE in your DESCRIPTION:

*  Do you have a preference to work with a male or female?
*  Do you have a preference about the age of person you work with?
*  Would you prefer if possible to work with a partner partly or entirely in person (as opposed to on the phone)? If yes, within how many miles of you would you like the person to live?
*  What town, state or province, and country do you live in?  (This information is necessary if you would like to find someone to work with in person.)
*  What other preferences do you have in a partner?  (For example, you may be hoping to find someone who shares certain specific experiences with you, or who has certain similar life goals or challenges, or with whom you share being part of a particular oppressed group.)
* Is there anything else about you that you would like to share with potential healing partners?


NOTE: The Peak Living Network does not permit listings that discriminate against oppressed groups. (See Chapter 18 of The Joyous Recovery for more information.)