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If you are interested in starting a book reading group for The Joyous Recovery, send an email to, specifying:

* will this group meet in person, online, or by free conference call
* will it meet monthly or weekly (and if you already know the day of the week, tell us that too)
* a contact email address or phone number that you would like us to list on the website

Groups that are forming and have already contacted us are listed below.


To start your own group, decide whether you want to personally invite people, announce the group publicly, or both. Public libraries are happy to make space available (if they have it) for book club meetings. You can announce your club on Facebook, Craigslist, or Meetup. You might also consider places in town where people go who might be particularly interested (such as therapists waiting rooms, for example) and leave flyers for your group.

The easiest way to structure the group is to follow the exercises for The Joyous Recovery that are listed on this website. Those exercises divide the entire book into short reading assignments. Choose how many of those assignments you want people to cover by your next book club meeting (we recommend between one and four), so that people know exactly which pages to read. Your discussion for that section of the book can incorporate aspects of the exercises that go with those pages if you choose to, but you may prefer just to have open discussion in your group. The content and topics of your group discussions are entirely up to you.

We are happy to answer questions about book groups or make suggestions regarding challenges that arise. Contact us at

Established or Currently Forming Book Clubs


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